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The Earth Viewing Experiment

The Earth Viewing Experiment is a solo ambient project. It utilizes extended reverb techniques and field recordings from around the world to create ethereal sonic spaces. It's hypnotic melodies and rich instrumentation from the in-between spaces of the electronic and the acoustic world take the listener on a timeless journey, to rest within themselves and to reflect. It's focus lies on the subtle details and sonic intricacies often lost in a noisy world.

In 2022, The Earth Viewing Released its Debut EP "Rest" (NT 007)

Dawn Device

Heinrich Lenz is also a part of the Electronic/Noise-Duo Dawn Device. Utilising hardware synths, analogue effects, field recordings, various sampled instruments and algorithmic composition in Max/MSP, Dusk Device's sound is atmospheric and cinematic, with a noisy, dense and analogue bent. Fluently moving between quiet and cinematic atmospheres, dance floor melancholy and thick noise walls tracks in a variety of genres emerged, from ambient music for sleep concerts, to music for more upbeat surroundings. Influenced by electroacoustic composition, ambient, noise music and experimental electronic their tracks are an expression of a longing for stillness as well as an urge for uproar. Both arising from the urgent feeling that our ever more fractured, vulnerable and dysfunctional societies are in desperate need for composure and change.

Elektroakustische Kompositionen

Impulse Respose Pack

St. Gertrud Köln Ambisonics IR Pack

Ein kostenloses, unter Creative Commons veröffentlichtes Pack von Impulsantworten, aufgenommen mit hochwertigen Microphonen im einmaligen Kirchenbau der St. Gertrud zu Köln. Neben herkömmlichem True-Stereo sowie binauralen Aufnahmen enthält dieses Pack auch eine Reihe von 1st-Order Ambisonics Impulsantworten für Surround-Anwendungen sowie eine umfangreiche Dokumentation. Download hier.



125 Years of Tower Bridge Sonic Installation

2019, AV-Installation, Tower Bridge, London

As part of the 125 year anniversary of the Tower Bridge of London the Basicule Chamber was opened to the public and brought to life with an audiovisual installation, of which Heinrich Lenz designed a part of the audio component. The video displays a 2D-rendering of the projection mapping with accompanying sound, my contribution can be listened to seperately with the audioplayer.

What's Happening

2016, Generative AV-Installation, Raum Weiß Leipzig

In cooperation with VJ Tengen "What's Happening" was created as a generative audiovisual installation. Incorporating radio streams of various origins an everchanging soundscape was created in Max/MSP, which influenced and interacted with the visuals. The presented excerpt is a video of the 3D projection mapping.

Solve & Dissolve

2017, Fixed Media AV-Installation, Summaery 2017

Together with Luisa Schnicker this fixed media projection mapping piece was developed as part of our respective studies. It explores the ideas of holographic projection through vocal source material and a dense interaction between the sonic and visual layers.

Background photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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